Dermoestetica-Bali is a pretty small institute which is specialized in anticellulite, anti-wrinkles, skin-tightening and body modelling.

We are specialists using the last techniques which are adopted in America from south to north, by the most demanding women who are brazilians, argentinians and californians for the treatment (definitive removing) of any cellulite (without surgery nor injection), skin-tightening of body and face-wrinkles, body modelling by waves (example: to lift up buttocks and make them round and firm) and the treatment of red stretch marks (there is no treatment for the white ones at this day).

Stlll in touch with the best schools, we update our knowledges and treatment at the rythm of evolutions in Buenos Aires, a landmark in æstetic as Rio de Janeiro, and we adopt the same policy of moderate fees to offer the look they wish to women.

And, our "best of the best" is the back aches treatment by ultrasound, eventually by vibromassager plus manual massage. All the experimented osteopaths, chiropractors have abandoned spinal manipulations, surveys have demonstrated their harmfulness, and have bought an ultrasound, which is a mechanical powerful anti-inflammatory.

Our trainee was using it daily since 1982...

All our treatments are painless, safe, effective and done with the best apparels from Argentina, from the best inventor-maker of America, a remarkable company born in 1963 with an exceptional reputation.

NEW: in our institute, you can also receive the best massage by an excellent masseuse who was trained by Shari (Beauty & Health in Bali Advertiser) then by Lionel, a french masseur-physiotherapist since 1982. They say that she is the best masseuse they know in Bali. She was gifted, then she learnt techniques from them. Receiving her massage in a pretty, soundproof, and comfortable cabin, is a must, moments out of time.


Jalan Yudistira (Seminyak)
Bali - Indonesia

Phone: Dewi 0812 4666 5668 ( whatsapp OK)
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We are also in Facebook: dermoestetica-bali and dermoestetica bali


Anti cellulite treatment

" My saver!" Clarisse C. Bali

"I had experimented different techniques: massages, creams, gels, wraps, but the results were deceiving because they never lasted more than few weeks. Dermoestetica ultrasound has been totally effective and no cellulite has come back since the time I did the seesions during my holydays in Bali, in 2013" Veronique D. Nouméa

"I am into competition of tennis at high level since the age of 8, and at 41, even very muscled (still in competition, in double now, after having been vice-champion of France in single), I still had one "olive" of hard fat on each hip. In 13 sessions, Dermoestetica destroyed it, and five years later, it's same, nothing has come back". Odile B. Nouméa

The list of totally satisfied women is very long. NO FAILURES with a well-used TOP QUALITY anti cellulite ultrasound and NO RISK if contra-indications are respected: antecedant of hepatitis, pacemaker, hypercholesterolæmia.

Face and body skin tightening:

" I never imagined that my face could be so rejuvenated in 7 totally painless sessions of 30mn, and that it could last one year with one more session each 4 months!" Elisabeth A. 73 y. Nouméa

" Ex-top model, I found at Dermoestetica the perfect combination of treaments which I was looking for years to have my legs and buttocks like they were at 30, what I could not obtain despite an intense and sustained sports activity." Anita H. 45y. Bali

"The skin of my arms that hanging like Batman's wings made me crazy.In a few sessions of ultrasound to remove the fat, a few sessions of radiofrequency to retract the skin, added to a very simple daily exercise taking five minutes, my arms are normal again! " Margareth J. 46y. Bali

Muscular reinforcement and modeling:

" Even extremely active, I could not have the round, high, hard brazilian bums of my dreams. In 15 sessions of painless powerful sessions of electrostimulation at Dermoestetica, I was filled, and to keep this fantastic result, I just have to do 10 mn of stepper 1 day out of 2 and some skipping rope the other day !" Valérie V. 32y. Bali

"I could do a hundred abs every day, I did not get the flat, fat-free abdomen I wanted, and in 24 20-minute sessions spread over two months, it was done. Sessions gave me the impression of having as much effect as thousands of abds sessions concentrated over two months. " Gérard M. 35 years old. Bali

Back ache treatment

"Lumbalgic with repetition for a long time because I have to spend too much time sitting to work, it was during my holidays in Bali that I finally found the best remedy: ultrasound, but ultrasound well used. In France, physiotherapists had done it to me, but none had done it with as much care and as much time as in Dermoestetica.I now understand why previously "it did not work much." Dewi, Trained by a French physiotherapist, knows perfectly how to find the cause (s) of the pain and then treat them one by one.What I must do now is to find a as much patient, serious and conscientious physiotherapist in France. Is not going to be easy ... "Roger M. 58 years old. Orleans

"I have ofter pains in the back and neck, my shoulders, because of the phase of rowing on my board to reach the wave." Since I found Dermoestetica, when the pain comes, I come to have do a few sessions and a few days later, back on the waves! " Ben P. 32 years old .Uluwatu

"When I have a back pain, which happens to me several times a year because I am hyperactiv: surfer, hiker, diver, and small sleeper, I take an appointment with Dewi from Dermoestetica several days in a row , She treats me some focus of inflammation and then gives me a long sessions of ultrasound massage, and when I leave, I have no more pain for weeks or months. Very surely one of the top three treatments have ever received! " Matias D. 35y. Uluwatu

On the massage by Dewi:

"Dewi is gifted, the best masseuse I have trained in the last ten years, she has" the gift "in her hands. Lionel, the French masseur-kinesitherapist who trained her, Certainly the best masseuse in Bali. " Shari. H massage and spa training in Bali